‘Jim on Margaret’

August 22, 2006

jim on margaret
This is a photo from the early years of Jim and Margaret.
‘JIM & MARGARET’ is a collaborative/performance art created by myself (Stephanie Hough) and artist Cian Mc Conn. This work has been ongoing for several year’s since we met in art college (Crawford college of Art, Cork city). “Jim” & “Margaret” are two characters who are cinematic in their nature, that we created which can be seen as our alter ego’s, which we use to enact subversive/violent/sexual scenes. I believe because the two main protagonists are both male and female, it was hard not to embody or for that matter assume that J & M are a couple of some kind. in that case J & M started to question the preconcived notion’s that are attached to the social standards of relationships between man and woman. and also utilising the conventions of photography on the domestic scale of documenting familys, friends and boyfriends/girlfriends we decided that the photograph presented many different opportunities for displaying this kind of work. such as the use of the photo album we used to display a majority of these photos. ‘JIM & MARGARET’ challenge the ideal of any relationship through hyperfake engagements and explored through opposing class structures i.e: posh j & m and j & m as scumbags in their flat, each situation is no better than the other. It all starts calmly and creshedo’s into a violent, perverse domestic. sort of Adam & Eve steeped in original sin go wild in the garden of Eden coming soon to a still cinema near you………… -STEPHANIE HOUGH- 24/08/2006


'Margaret Does A Bosch On Jim'

A picnic or painting a famine or feast, the ‘Jim and Margaret’ series indulges our senseoriumsMAGARET & JIM The unkown reason should be dictated by the onlooker, a passive viewer will employ a non cathartic approach to the image of man and woman in the joys of absurdity.