March 6, 2009



This image is an attempt at subverting virtual culture, this image calls to question our perception of death in a time when we not only are confronted with it every day in the news we as a species have become immune to the idea of death, this is in part most likely a survival mechanism or should i say a type of filtration system we have developed in order to cope with that type of traumatic information. but the glorification of death within virtual realities is almost as terrifiying maybe computer games are also ariseing out of our desire to create coping mehanisims to logically justify atrocity’s.

anyway this nameless, clothing-less, virtual female charachter is strangely crawling along  within an inane forest and she has red markings on her body. The Virtual aesthetic creates a false sense of familiarity  upon closer inspection it begins to sit uncomfortabley, This image is a disturbance from your run of the mill computer game or avatar. the fact she is half naked scratched and bruised begins to suggest something different, maybe you begin to play a senario in your head or maybe you start asking questions like why is she lying there? is this the result of an attack? something more sinister is happening here than the more playfull and less challenging aspect of computer gaming where you dont dwell on killing someone you must move on without a second thought.


New Yrs Resolution

March 6, 2009