Born 1982 Stephanie grew up in a Bar, which began her interest into the broader spectrum of society and social interaction. Stephanie Hough graduated with a 1st Class Honors Degree in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art & Design in 2005 and received an MA titled ‘Art in the Digital World’ from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. Stephanie works with many media and thematic, which cover a broad array of personal insights into the social and its many manifestations through popular culture. Her research interests include a broad variety of subject matter, and her processes and production of such is just as diverse. Hough has exhibited her work throughout Ireland, UK, mainland Europe and America. Stephanie is also a founding member of Basement Project Space in Cork City, an ambitious artist-led initiative that aims to engender the artist to challenge the boundaries of form & content, process & production.


            “My work often derives from popular culture using various and disparate sources including television, social media and music. Using popular culture as a readily available raw material, in an attempt to subvert and unearth embedded imperceptible social structures. Rendering the kaleidoscope of cascading cultural codes partially visible, likened to viewing its essence through the fictional “x-ray specs” rather than viewing the entire actuality. I embrace aspects of culture not obviously visible or easily verbalized, I often refer to many of my works as humorous renditions” – Stephanie Hough 


One Response to “BIO”

  1. tony k Says:

    Nice show that was in that gallery in Wandesford quay that finished recently.

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